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Fire Damage Claim Help

We at AAPA specialize in fire damage claim help. All American Public Adjusters are experts in helping through your ordeal.

Did you know that without Public Adjuster’s representation, a fire claim can take over 6 months to resolve?

House on Fire
Fires can be the most difficult and trying times one may ever experience. When a fire happens your life is turned upside down. Relocating your family and documenting a lifetime worth of personal property is an overwhelming process. To maintain their everyday life, one must juggle work, home and now the insurance companies demands.

The average fire claim takes 6-9 months to resolve per the Texas Department of Insurance. The process of settling the claim (often for much less than the policy affords) can be devastating.  Recovery involves managing mitigation and construction companies, handling your personal property loss, all while trying to maintain your personal life .

By retaining a certified and licensed public adjuster immediately, we can meet all adjusters, engineers and representatives on your behalf, document your personal property with state of the art software and create the maximized estimate your insurance company does not want to see; that’s just the beginning. We will properly navigate your policy to form the best approach for expediting and maximizing your claim payout.

According to the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) the water used to put out the fire can be just as damaging if not more costly than the fire itself. The secondary effects of fire, known as smoke, soot and water damage are oftentimes overlooked. When water is used to put out the fire, mold can ensue. Smoke & Soot are acid or alkaline based and will cause severe long term effects to all material it comes in contact with, especially porous materials and furniture. If not addressed immediately, these items will likely require replacement. This is where most individuals find themselves trapped with the insurance company’s mitigation contractors who want to clean and repair everything. This process is not beneficial to you and can deplete your potential recovery needed to replace the fire damaged property.

Only a public adjuster licensed by the Department Of Insurance can legally negotiate an insurance claim on your behalf. When inspecting initially, we photograph and document the entire loss from structure to personal property and build an expert claim file to present to your carrier. Because AAPA, LLC is a licensed and certified fire damage firm with the IICRC and Texas Dept. of Insurance, when we create our damage model, “we are not asking; we are telling”. This approach aides in a quick and effective resolve so that you can be back in your home sooner without the hassle of ever having to fight the insurance company on your own.


1. The insurance company is sending out a mitigation contractor to come pack my house out and clean. Do I have any options?

Yes, this company is paid directly by the insurance company to limit the amount paid out to you. By packing up your personal property to clean it, this will ultimately come out of your personal property coverage and limit the funds you can use to replace items damaged by the fire. They will get paid before you do and often times leave you with not enough or no money to replace the damaged items. We can ensure that the right professionals, certified by the IICRC are in place to protect your best interest, not the insurance company’s bottom line.

2. What if I disagree with the adjusters estimate, what can I do?

The options at this point are limited to retaining a Public Adjuster to dispute the claim amount for a higher percentage than if retained from the beginning, or by going to Appraisal. Refer to the services page for details on the Appraisal Process.