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Hurricane Claim Public Adjuster

During Hurricane Ike, All American Public Adjusters was a trusted hurricane claim public adjuster for Texans.

Commercial Building Hurricane Damage
Property damage to commercial and residential structures during hurricane season is a very real concern for residents in Texas. Hurricane Ike devastated much of southeast Texas, destroying property to commercial, government, public works and residential structures. It pays to have a hurricane claim public adjuster when denied or underpaid.  In the years that followed Ike,  claims were submitted for roof damage, water damage, mold damage and other storm related damage.

Our public adjuster first responders were witness to the destruction and serviced families in their time of need. As Texans, many of us have learned the importance of an educated, professional representative when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies have developed exacting, specific clauses and terminology to deal with claims related to hurricanes. Let All American Public Adjusters represent you today to help expedite and maximize your claim.

Hurricane Preparations

  • Stock up on water, food, medical supplies and emergency preparations
  • Make every attempt to cover all windows
  • Place important records, large item receipts, medical documents and a copy of your insurance policy in a waterproof container
  • Fill your bathtubs with water


  • Photograph and video all damage to your structure and property.
  • Make a list of all damaged items, including value and date of purchase.
  • Remove wet contents immediately to prevent mold.
  • Check with local authorities before using water to avoid contamination.
  • If you see sparks or damaged wires, turn off  your electricity until inspected by an electrician.


  • Don’t go near damaged or unstable structures.
  • Don’t enter your home if you smell gas.
  • Do not EVER touch or go near near fallen or low hanging wires.
  • Don’t make any repairs before having an inspection by an AAPA expert public adjuster.