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We are experts in Ludowici tile roofing claims.

Did you know, repairing a genuine Ludowici roof can result in a devaluation of the property?

Ludowici Tile Roofing Claims are Complex


Commonly referred to as the finest roofing material ever made, Ludowici is the gold standard for tile roofing. AAPA has the resources and knowledge to ensure you are always made whole and never have to settle for less.


If you don’t repair a Ludowici roof with Ludowici tiles, you are devaluing the property. Some of the materials installed decades ago are no longer being manufactured. Many contractors simply aren’t aware of the impact, or the quality of the existing material. They will replace the tiles with average quality material, which reduces the value of the property.

Like-Kind-Quality (LKQ)

We work with the insurance company to ensure proper and prompt payment for like and kind quality

Lab Testing

To verify the authenticity of your roof, we collect samples and send these off to a third-party lab. A traditional insurance representative may not take the time to do this, which can result in a miscalculation of the true value of loss.

Educate. Expedite. Maximize.

What Makes AAPA Different?

We strive to educate, expedite and maximize your claim.  AAPA is your trusted source for handling your claim professionally and with your best interest at heart. Our passion as a Texas public adjuster is to educate our clients about their rights as a policyholder, and teach them the insurance company’s bully-tactics of under-paying, denying, and delaying claims.

Our Simple and Effective Process