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Texas Commercial Public Adjuster

We are expert commercial public adjusters.
Our loss consultants can help by:

Apartment Roof Damage

  • Evaluating your Business Policy to form the best possible tactic for presenting your claim to the insurance company
  • Recording, analyzing and supporting the details of your insurance claim
  • Advise you on your responsibilities as a business owner, such as preventing further damage and being aware of time restrictions
  • Negotiating with adjusters and examiners on your behalf
  • Keeping you informed throughout the entire claims process
  • Develop a hands-on claim strategy that maximizes your monetary recovery
  • Present a detailed claim file to your insurance company
  • Fight as your advocate at all inspections and consultations with your insurer
  • Expedite the greatest settlement possible with significantly less stress for you.

We strive to ensure that your case file is organized, coherent, accurate, and updated at all times. We do all of the hard work for you so you can proceed with your busy schedule.

Businesses need a
Commercial Public Adjuster.

Business owners face a multitude of challenges when dealing with a damage claim. If you choose to file the claim yourself, you will be juggling the claims process while attempting to revive your business.

It is then your responsibility to ensure the damage conditions are mitigated to avoid additional loss. To maximize and expedite your claim, you should hire a commercial public adjuster.

Navigating the maze of complicated insurance claim processes is a headache for a business owner. A claim may be eligible for business interruption loss calculations, which are complex.

Producing volumes that account the loss in detail to the insurance carrier is detailed and specialized. The verbiage and fine print of the insurance policy contract is complicated and hard to understand.

Business owners have numerous responsibilities that cannot be postponed or placed on the back-burner while they are trying to navigate the insurance claim process. It is imperative that business owners establish a team of claim experts to handle the claim process with the insurance carrier.

Who is representing your best interests?

Insurance companies hire a team of experts to evaluate, investigate, and either pay for the loss or deny your claim. This team of adjusters, examiners, and appraisers are hired by the insurance company. Do you really think they have your best interest at heart?