Multi-Family insurance claims can be extremely complex.

Our professional loss consultants can help by evaluating your business insurance policy and negotiating on your behalf.

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How can a public adjuster help a multi-family property?

A specialized multi-family public adjuster can help expedite and maximize insurance claims for apartment complexes, condo associations, property management firms and property managers to ensure the best possible outcome.

There are a many moving parts when filing a multi-family insurance claim.  The apartment complex, property owner, or condo association must manage communications with tenants, mitigate the loss of rent, relocate families and operate the business.

Hail damage to apartment buildings and condos can slowly erode the value of the property. These surfaces must be maintained and properly inspected to determine the true nature of any damage and proper compensation to repair.

Apartment Fire Damage

Why do multi-family properties need a public adjuster?

It is challenging to navigate the complicated insurance claim filing process. Detailed documentation must be made of business interruption and the loss of rents.

Accurate damage calculations are submitted in specific formats. Multiple, lengthy inspections by the insurance company and its engineers will be performed. As a business manager or owner, you should be present during these inspections or have a representative present on your behalf.

Representatives from the insurance company coming to your business are not your friends. They are professionals who are taught to deny, delay and underpay your insurance claim.

Apartment Fire Insurance Claim


We negotiating with adjusters and examiners on your behalf, allowing you to focus on running your business.


We maintain regular communications with you, keeping you informed throughout the entire claims process.

Submit to Insurance

We present a detailed claim file to your insurance company that includes all our estimations and analysis.

Expedite & Maximize

We fight as your advocate at all inspections and consultations with your insurer.

Who is representing your best interests?

All management companies should have a public adjuster on speed dial.

Insurance companies hire a team of experts to evaluate, investigate, and either pay for the loss or deny your claim. This team of adjusters, examiners, and appraisers are hired by the insurance company. We believe you should do the same.

We are committed public adjusters and passionate about representing your best interests.

We strive to ensure that your case file is organized, coherent, accurate, and updated at all times. We do all of the hard work for you so you can proceed with your busy schedule.

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We understand how important is for you to focus on your business goals.  Any insurance claim process can delay your productivity and leave you buried in complex negotiations.