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Bad news for hurricane season 2016

By April 7, 2016 No Comments

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is warning the possibility of a strong  hurricane season 2016.  The delicate balance of currents El Niño and La Niña affect upper level winds in the atmosphere, driving low pressure systems that fuel tropical weather. With the likely end of the El Niño cycle, which can function as a shield against systems on the east coast, the sister current will return.  La Niña is known for generating a strong east-west wind, thus directing storms that classically slam Florida and the Gulf coast with wind, hail, rain and damaging tides. Stay tuned to your weather reports this summer, because it’s likely to be a doozie! reports:

According to Phil Klotzbach, a climate research scientist at Colorodo State University, “We are very confident El Nino will be gone by next hurricane season. It’s no slam dunk though that La Nina will mean more storms, but I think the odds are it will be a more active season.”


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