Client Testimonials

Our clients are like family. Hear what they have to say about working with AAPA.

My husband and I are so grateful and thankful for the amazing teamwork.  We know this was a huge undertaking.  Everyone’s time, courtesy , knowledge and committment say a lot about you as individuals and well as a reflection on your businesses. Thank you again!

AAPA has been an invaluable resource for me when it comes to insurance claims. They have helped me, my company, and several of my clients negotiate their insurance claims resulting in increased settlements from their insurance carrier. AAPA has the knowledge, tools, and resources to ensure that you get every dollar you deserve from your insurance carrier. They are also friendly, professional, and available every time I call. I am truly grateful for the service they provide me.

This company was very professional and promptly responded to my request for assistance. The adjuster was extremely thorough and explained the process of challenging the insurance company. He not only provided a professional report, he referred me to additional resources to see my claim resolved with a positive outcome. Thank you.

After many months of back-and-forth with our insurance company, they were finally able to get the insurance company to agree on a replacement instead of just a repair. the process was a little longer than expected, but most of the Hang-Ups were on the insurance company. Excellent job!

All American Public Adjusters have been wonderful in helping with my Harvey claim. They were with me every step of the way letting me know what I needed to know in dealing with the insurance companies and their adjusters to maximize my coverage. I will never go through another disaster and would encourage others not to without the expertise of a public adjuster. They handled things that I had no idea on what to do and allowed me to focus on helping my family through the trauma of our loss. Great staff and well worth every penny.

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