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How does your business insurance policy hold-up during a hurricane?

Hurricanes cause massive property damage. They destroy businesses and damage economies, in some events recovery lasts several years after the storm. Directly after the storm, insurance company adjusters from all over the country arrive on-scene to process claims. Quite frankly, it’s a madhouse for insurance companies, contractors, damage mitigation and cleanup companies who are all working together in a bit of orchestrated chaos.
This chaos costs society hugely, in fact Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are estimated to have caused over 200 billion dollars in damage. So if you can image, tensions run high during hurricane events, and there is a lot of room for people to loose, big.
Properly documenting your loss, preventing further damage, avoiding business interruptions and expediting the claims process all require experience and specific knowledge. A public insurance adjuster with hurricane insurance claims experience will know how to execute a thorough documentation of the loss. They will take into account the full legal value of the loss, often citing damage that can go overlooked.
If the loss is not documented properly, there is hope in disputing a claim for underpayment. Underpaid claims are more difficult to resolve, whereas a public insurance adjuster can help prevent underpayment.
As a property owner or manager, you are most likely focused on mitigating further loss. As you begin a claim, the first step will be a meeting with the insurance companies adjuster or estimators. They will be very busy managing the documentation on multiple claims. If you choose to work directly with the insurance company, we recommend a few simple steps below to be prepared.

Houstonians and those living along the Gulf Coast were not prepared in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey struck.  The hundred-years flood damaged large-scale commercial complexes, small business locations and historic urban areas.

Businesses near the worst flooding near the Addicks reservoir were under repair as late as 2018.  Some businesses closed their doors forever, and we can’t help but wonder if proper claim handling could have prevented closures.

From our experiences of past Hurricanes, our public insurance adjusters would ask a simple question to all property owners.  Are you truly aware of your coverage and policy details in regards to hurricanes and flood damage?

What happens if our location floods during a hurricane?

Many business policies do not cover floods.

What about wind damage?

Wind damage claims are best supported with weather data and proper documentation.

The Claim Filing Process

The process for filing a flood claim is complex. Typically, an index of loss must be completed within 60 days from the date of the event. A claim must be analyzed and documented to support the definition of a flood provided by FEMA and the NFIP. This entails the analysis of loss must be completed quickly, while you are preoccupied with assuming your normal business and life. A public adjuster inspect the loss, examine your policy and consult through the entire process to maximize your payout.

We recommend a few simple steps to be prepared for hurricane season.

It is our goal to educate our clients, and include them in every step of the process. We ensure every client understands their rights during an insurance claim.

Document and Photograph

Photograph and video all damage to your structure and property. To the best of your ability, document for your records or immediately contact your public adjuster. You must take photographs before any repairs or clean-up.

Plan & Backup

Make a list of all damaged items, including value and date of purchase. Take an inventory of your workplace including serial numbers, and keep a copy backed up on a drive or in cloud storage.


Don't put yourself in danger if you are photographing the loss before a clean-up. Be aware of downed power lines and structural hazards. Do not make any repairs before an inspection.

How can a commercial public adjuster help?

Property damage to commercial and residential structures during hurricane season is a very real concern for residents in along the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Ike devastated much of southeast Texas, destroying property to commercial, government, public works and residential structures. It pays to have a hurricane claim public adjuster when denied or underpaid.  In the years that followed Ike,  claims were submitted for roof damage, water damage, mold damage and other storm related damage.

Our public adjuster first responders were witness to the destruction and serviced families in their time of need. As Texans, many of us have learned the importance of an educated, professional representative when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies have developed exacting, specific clauses and terminology to deal with claims related to hurricanes. Let All American Public Adjusters represent you today to help expedite and maximize your claim.

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Who is representing your best interests?

Hiring a public adjuster could directly influence the positive outcome of your claim.

Insurance companies hire a team of experts to evaluate, investigate, and either pay for the loss or deny your claim. This team of adjusters, examiners, and appraisers are hired by the insurance company. We believe you should do the same.

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