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Contact Us for a Free Consultation:


(866) 49-MYCLAIM

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Our Process

[vc_subtitle text_color=”” el_class=””]Our process involves educating our clients, expediting the claims process, and maximizing the indemnification to best suit your best needs. From filing to the finish line, we may very well be the best decision you ever make.[/vc_subtitle]

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[vc_icon_box style=”3″ icon=”” title=”File” el_class=”pa-box” highlighted=”no” show_right_arrow=”yes”]We will file your claim properly and timely under the most beneficial coverage to ensure a maximized payout per the policy. [/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”3″ icon=”” title=”Inspect” el_class=”pa-box” highlighted=”no” show_right_arrow=”yes”]AAPA will provide a full evaluation of the loss, reflecting the entire legal value. We record and support every aspect of your claim.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”3″ icon=”” title=”Collect” el_class=”pa-box” highlighted=”no” show_right_arrow=”no”]We ensure timely claims payments, we make claims for recoverable depreciation, and our job is not finished until yours is. [/vc_icon_box]

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Water Damage

Did you know that there are three types of water damage, clean water (pipe break), grey water (washing machine, toilet and tub), and black water (sewage, flood).

Roof Damage

A damaged roof will no longer shed water properly and needs to be replaced. Insurance companies commonly use cosmetic damage exclusion clauses as a way to deny a claim.

Wind Damage

Whether wind or hail, we make sure all roof, siding, fence, interior and personal property damage get addressed to the full value the policy affords.

Mold Damage

Did you know that most policies exclude mold, unless specifically paid for and endorsed? However, a public adjuster can assist in relating this mold damage as ensuing from other potential covered losses.

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Public Adjuster Claims Services:

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[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon3-checkmark” title=”Policy Review” el_class=”border-bottom”]We verify coverage of your loss and maximize return.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon1-file-alt” title=”Claim Filing” el_class=”border-bottom”]All American Public Adjusters will file your claim and communicate with your insurance company.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon2-numbered-list” title=”Expedited & Maximized Estimation” el_class=””]We complete our own estimate of damages that reflects the full legal value of your loss.[/vc_icon_box]

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[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon1-search” title=”Inspection Services” el_class=”border-bottom”]We provide detailed reports of actual item values and loss.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon2-pencil” title=”Arbitration, Appraisal and Umpire Services” el_class=”border-bottom”]Commercial, multi-family, and residential appraisers are on staff.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon1-group” title=”Consulting” el_class=””]We consult on the entire process of home insurance claims. Advice is always free![/vc_icon_box]

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Our Commitment

[vc_subtitle text_color=”” el_class=””]All American Public Adjusters is committed to providing you the highest possible quality of service. If you have no recovery, we have no fee, and there are no exceptions. With offices in Cleveland, we proudly serve Ohio.[/vc_subtitle]

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Educate. Expedite. Maximize.

[vc_subtitle text_color=”#ffffff” el_class=”pa-subtitle”]Our passion as an Ohio public adjuster is to educate our clients about their rights as a policyholder, and teach them the insurance company’s bully-tactics of under-paying, denying, and delaying claims.[/vc_subtitle]

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Why Choose Us?

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We are a family owned and operated firm dedicated to exemplary customer service and 24/7 emergency response.

[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”Ohio Experience”]

We proudly serve Ohio with our office in Cleveland.

[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”References”]

References available upon request.

[vc_accordion title_size=”heading-1″][vc_accordion_tab title=”Multiple Licenses & Certifications”]

We have licensed insurance adjusters, public adjusters, and agents on staff with IICRC and NFIP credentials.

[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”Elected TAPIA Board Member”]

Mike Fried is an Elected Officer/Board member of the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA), and the youngest elected official by over 10 years.

[/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”Industry Experience”]

Over 50 years combined experience with multiple insurance companies and disasters.

Rotary International
Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA)
League City Chamber of Commerce
Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce