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With offices in San Antonio, Tx, All American Public Adjusters proudly serves area businesses. We specialize in commercial and multi-family claims.

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San Antonio, Tx Public Insurance Adjusters

In San Antonio,Texas, hail damage has been the leading cause of loss in claims we’ve managed in the past few years. San Antonio was devastated with destructive hailstorms in April of 2016. An estimated $2 billion in damages has been reported, making this the costliest hailstorm in recent history.

As the statute of limitations ran out, business owners, commercial property owners, HOA’s and residents scampered to resolve any insurance claim issues.

2.5” – 3” hail that caused 1.4 billion dollars in damage. Three large storms ripped through downtown San Antonio, and by our estimates roughly 70% of the city was affected by the hail.  Thousands of businesses and residents filed a claim because of this storm system.

“The question is, did you get paid, denied or underpaid?”  – asks Mike Fried, President of All American Public Adjusters.

The Texas Department of Insurance allows you to hire your own adjuster to dispute your claim. You are entitled to a fair and accurate settlement, and just because your roof wasn’t leaking doesn’t mean that you didn’t sustain roof damage because of hail. 

Once the statute of limitations passed, any damage incurred became the responsibility of the property owner to pay for the entire replacement costs.  It cost nothing to request a claim review and property inspection from a public adjuster, and may have saved you thousands perhaps even millions of dollars depending on the size of the property involved.

This goes to show yet again our belief that it has become and will be recognized as standard practice for businesses to hire a licensed public adjuster during any insurance claim.

Our San Antonio public insurance adjusters provide services to area businesses, apartment complexes, industrial and manufacturing facilities and many other commercial properties.

  • Commercial Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial Warehousing Complexes
  • Laboratories and Testing Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Office Complexes and Corporate Campuses
  • Multi-Family Residential Structures
  • Apartment Complexes


We have offices in San Antonio, Tx with adjusters on-call to service the entire area. It is our goal to educate you about your rights and responsibilities as a business owner when dealing with an insurance claim.

Expert Insight and Supporting Documentation

We consult the expert insight of engineers and building experts to fully document the property loss. We expedite claims with our refined and proven process.

Expedite & Maximize

We maximize your claim by working directly with the insurance adjusters. Insurance companies are often relieved to work with a public adjuster. Our documentation process communicates the language required to quickly complete the claims process for both parties.

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We understand how important is for you to focus on your business goals.  Any insurance claim process can delay your productivity and leave you buried in complex negotiations.

We are committed public adjusters and passionate about representing your best interests.

We strive to ensure that your case file is organized, coherent, accurate, and updated at all times. We do all of the hard work for you so you can proceed with your busy schedule.

Who is representing your best interests?

Hiring a public adjuster could directly influence the positive outcome of your claim.

Insurance companies hire a team of experts to evaluate, investigate, and either pay for the loss or deny your claim. This team of adjusters, examiners, and appraisers are hired by the insurance company. We believe you should do the same.

Educate, Expedite, Maximize.

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