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Seven Simple Steps to Settle your Insurance Claim

By September 23, 2019 No Comments

No one expects it will happen to them…but then it does. Loss can seem to come out of nowhere and sometimes will leave you feeling like a mixed cocktail of emotions. It can be overwhelming, stressful and complicated to completely move on from a misfortune. AAPA is here to help you persevere and get through some of the toughest days that no one ever expects to experience. During a claim, there is a lot that needs to be done and that’s why it’s best to hire a Public Adjuster to represent you during the claims process. We want you to get back to your day to day, to feeling a sense of normalcy again, and we’re here to make sure your loss is represented and valued to the highest degree. When working with a client, we often refer to our motto, “File, Inspect & Collect” as the simplified process for what they can expect during this process.


1. File the claim.

Contact your Insurance Company or Carrier and notify them that there has been a loss. Be sure to ask how much coverage you have for structure, personal property, and ALE (assisted living expenses). ALE will come in handy if you are displaced due to a loss and need a hotel stay, emergency supplies, food, etc.

2. Call your Public Adjuster.

Your insurance company has an adjuster and you should too. With a trained professional representing you during a claim, you can maintain your daily routine and feel confident that you have someone on your side to keep everything organized and move the process along.


3. Document.

Immediately take photographs and videos of your assets and any damages to your personal property. Write out an itemized spreadsheet of damaged items and collect any additional supporting evidence on behalf of your claim, including past receipts, old photographs, etc. It’s extremely important to be wary of fire chasers,
including contractors and mitigation companies looking to take advantage of your misfortune.

4. Schedule an inspection.

Call your insurance company and schedule a time for the adjuster to come inspect and document your loss.


5. Notify your mortgage company or lienholder.

In certain cases, both the owner of a property and the mortgage company will be listed on checks paid out for insurance claims and sometimes, the mortgage company will withhold part of these funds while repairs to the property are made. Call ahead of time to find out what documentation you need to provide to them in order to get your payments endorsed as quickly as possible.

6. Start interviewing contractors.

Waste no time! Get quotes for any damages and plan to have a contractor on standby to begin work as soon as you receive your indemnity.

7. Evaluate.

At this step, you and your public adjuster will either accept or dispute the offer made by your insurance company for your total loss.

We know how challenging life can be on its own with work schedules, family routines, and the bustle of daily life. Managing a large insurance claim shouldn’t be another thing on top of your to-do list.

Call one of our adjusters at (866) 49-MYCLAIM for a free consultation and let us help you to get back to before disaster happened.

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