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Texas Public Adjuster

We are Public Adjusters serving the greater Houston Area
and statewide Texas, however also handle claims throughout,
Oklahoma, Ohio and Utah.

Our goal at All American Public Adjusters is to relieve homeowners and business owners of the burden of the insurance claim process. We are a local, family-owned and operated corporation. We have a claim experience of over two decades within the insurance industry.

We pledge to work hard for you as your insurance claim advocate. Please give us a call, we can help you with your insurance claim.

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Collectively as a team we hold licenses in adjusting, public adjusting, national flood insurance program (NFIP), insurance agent, and certifications
for IICRC fire, water, and hazardous material restoration.

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Easily contact your Texas Public Adjuster today. Call or click below.

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AAPA Standard of Service

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[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon1-ok” title=”Educate” el_class=””]We make sure you know your rights as a policyholder.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon1-ok” title=”Expedite” el_class=””]AAPA, LLC will work diligently to speed up the claims process by staying on top of adjusters and examiners.[/vc_icon_box]

[vc_icon_box style=”2″ icon=”icon1-ok” title=”Maximize” el_class=””]It is our goal to make sure your claim settlement is the full legal value.[/vc_icon_box]

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