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3 Categories of Water Damage


Clean Water

Some examples of this are a pipe break within the wall or a supply line to a plumbing source. An attic mounted water heater failure; though clean water is released it is running through dirty insulation and often times attics prior to its final destination. There are times when clean water losses may become grey water losses.

Grey Water

Some examples of this are overflows from your washing machine, toilet overflow or tub overflow. A washing machine, though clean water is considered grey because of the organic matter contained inside of it, which can include hair follicles, skin cells, and even fecal matter.

Black Water

Some examples of this are sewage backup, and surface water flooding. Often times, there are special limits to the amount of coverage provided for sewage backup and no coverage for flood (flood will be insured through the NFIP and in rare cases attached as a rider through your mortgage company). In the event black water damages are not mitigated immediately and properly, mold damage is inevitable.
Flood Damage Drying Process Insurance Claim
Commercial Building Flood Damage

4 Classes of Water Damage


Class 1

A moderate amount of water discharge, which is found in reasonable amount of time, can be cleaned and mitigated with limited to no building material removal outside of flooring.

Class 2

This level will affect an entire room or multiple rooms and building material is being affected.

Class 3

This is a large amount of water and will affect ceilings, walls, insulation and flooring

Class 4

This is labeled as a specialty situation with an unmaintainable amount of water intrusion and has had time to saturate into the materials such as hardwoods, brick and stone.
Hurricane Harvey Flooded Building


My insurance company wants to send out a mitigation company. What should I do?

Never let an insurance company send out a mitigation contractor without contacting a public adjuster first. These companies have specific instructions, which differ by insurance company to handle your damage initially.

All water restoration technicians need to be IICRC certified and follow the guidelines provided by the IICRC not the insurance company’s. We can suggest a list of certified mitigation companies who will handle your loss professionally, and in accordance to standard practices without the collusion of the insurance companies bottom line.

My mitigation company said everything was dry, but I believe there may be more damage.

There very well may be more damage. Did the insurance company send out this mitigation company? Let us come out and give you a free claims evaluation.

My pipe broke, but the insurance company says they wont pay for my plumber.

This is generally true. The insurance company will cover the ensuing damage but often times not the cause of the loss. This applies for most plumbing fixtures, including water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and sprinkler systems.

Why is my adjustment taking so long? Are their timelines provided for my adjuster or my claims payout?

Absolutely. Texas has insurance codes that protect you the insured from unnecessary delays, which are only used by the insurance to continue to make interest on your money. We at AAPA enforce these codes to ensure that the insurance company pays you timely, accurately and to the full legal value of your policy.

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