Did your wind damage insurance claim get denied?

Wind damage insurance claims are often denied or delayed by citing the absence of a weather event in your area on the claim date.

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What constitutes wind damage to a commercial structure?

Wind shear, hurricanes, tornados, tropical storms, and powerful thunderstorms can initiate a wind related damage claim. Damage can occur to metal and commercial roofing, siding, shingles, garage doors, patios, screened areas, windows and landscaping.  We verify the event, which in some instances is obvious with roofing or sides of structures clearly ripped from their foundations.

In other instances, we hire engineers and experts to assess the damage and represent your interests in the entire claims process. Property insurance policies typically cover related physical damage from windstorms. The focus of our investigation will be to maximize the loss to cover the full repair costs.

We will thoroughly document the loss for business owners, noting business interruption and related calculations. In some instances of loss, assistance from a Public Adjuster can help acquire the funds for a temporary location, while permanent repairs are being conducted.

Apartment Gutter Wind Damage

What happens if our business cannot function due to windstorm damage?

Business interruption insurance or loss calculations are best negotiated and performed by a certified public adjuster with experience in properly documenting the actual value of the loss.

What can a public adjuster do to assist in the event of wind damage?

We record the specifics of your loss, analyze the results in relation to your policy, and document the supporting details of your insurance claim.

What do you mean when you say "Business Responsibilities"?

We advise you on your responsibilities as a business owner in relation to your policy. These suggestions include preventing further damage to your property during the claim timeline, and remaining aware of time restrictions.

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Hiring a public adjuster could directly influence the positive outcome of your claim.

Insurance companies hire a team of experts to evaluate, investigate, and either pay for the loss or deny your claim. This team of adjusters, examiners, and appraisers are hired by the insurance company. We believe you should do the same.

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